Working Model 2D Homework Edition 4.1

Working Model 2D Homework Edition 4.1

It is a motion simulation product with powerful anaytical tools
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Working Model 2D is a motion simulation product with powerful anaytical tools.
Main features:
- Test multiple versions of your design
- Fast “run-analyze-refine” cycle helps to optimize designs before building physical prototypes
- Reduce physical prototyping
- You are in total control of the simulation environment
- Quickly build, run, and refine simulations with pre-defined objects and constraints
- Run, stop, reset, single step, or pause the simulation at any time
- Analyze your latest design by measuring force, torque, acceleration, etc. acting on any object
- View output as vectors or in numbers and graphs in English or metric units
- Import your 2D CAD drawings in DXF format
- Input values from equations, sliders and DDE links to MATLAB and Excel
- Simulate non-linear or user events using a built-in formula language
- Design linkages with pin joints, slots, motors, springs, and dampers
- Create bodies and specify its mass properties, initial velocity, electrostatic charge, etc.
- Simulate contact, collisions, and friction
- Analyze structures with flexible beams and shear and bending moment diagrams
- Run or edit scripts to optimize simulations, document models, and more
- Record simulation data and create graphs or AVI video files for playback
- Create visually appealing presentations by attaching pictures


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